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Greyhawk Archive #2: Citadel by The Sea
July 19, 2008, 11:52 am
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This is a write-up I did of my cavalier’s adventures in Jawarl Avignon.

After departing the town of Nilbog, our party joined a brave samurai and a knightly prestidigitator. During our travels, we came to Awad. The once fair hamlet had fallen to the cruel sword of decay. The citizens had assembled themselves with a brutish mob with a single fiendish goal: the exile of Crommard, a scholar in the field of Orcish culture. Apparently, the sage and the priest Sethus Maximi had unleashed a diabolic force during their archaeological expedition at Jawarl Avignon. With the utmost gallantry, we came to the wise man’s aid. We decided to explore the Elven ruins. Before our journey began we were assaulted by villagers aided by a treacherous youth known as Tom. After the skirmish. we stayed in the old mayor’s home. Once we gregained full strength, we set out of Jawarl Avignon. When we arrived, we were met by a malicious host. The combined orc-ogrillon troop made an ill-fated attempt to repel our valiant assault. By the grace of heaven, we vanquished the piussant humanoids. OUr success was insured by the savage archery of Elton. OUr next melee was with an orcish shaman and his foul minions. Although it was I who struck the blow of death (and mercy), the downfall of L…. Ulmus was achieved with the gracious aid of my comrades. We also managed to defeat Serga Ulmus (a half-orc cleric/assassin who was disguised as Sethus Maximi) and the legendary Mongru IV who bore the ensorcelled spear, Alkarg. After losing three comrades, we travellled to the capital with Sir Merrick, Jes, and a captive orc. There were werwe treated with the utmost magnanimosity by Sir Daromond, the periolous ruler of the Pomarj. He proved to be a most generous and courteous host. My comrade Callifrey’s fiery death reminded me to place my faith first in the Cross, secondly in my skill, and lastly in the sorcery of the old religions.

The prize treasure of the adventure was Alkarg, an enchanted spear of Orcish design. It normally gives a +1 bonus “to hit” and damage. When in the presence of elves, Alkarg glows red hot as if it has just been pulled from the forge and is then +2 “to hit” and damage. Alkarg is +3 against half-elves and +4 against elves. It also gives its bearer +2 resistance to fire-based attacks. However, this nifty little prize went to Selenius.

We lost three party members on that outing: Athelmund, a magic-user to ended up skewered on Alkarg, Elton, who was taken out by an invisible skeleton orc, and Callifrey, a paladin was incinerated by a glyph of warding.

In addition to Crusader, my cavalier, survivors were the bandit Angrimbor, the cleric/ranger Taurwen, the Roman legionaire Selenius, and the samurai Danlow.

Next up, “The Sinister Secret of Salt Marsh.”