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(Temporary) Parting Shots
June 19, 2007, 12:36 pm
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I’ll be maintaining radio silence at least until the weekend. I’m taking the family on vacation. I probably won’t be coming back with any entries sounding like they were culled from a J. Peterman catalog. Any posts will probably more resemble the expeditions of Clark Griswald than those of William Clark.

Family Matters
I had one of the best Father’s Days one could hope for. My daughter was baptised, and my wife officially transferred her letter of membership.

The Men (and Women) Behind The Mask
h/t boingboing
The New York Times has a wonderful photo gallery of gamers next to their favorite gaming avatar. Some are funny, and some are downright sad, but all of them are real, something one doesn’t often see in articles that include the words “City of Heroes” and “Second Life.”

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Just in time for the Atlantic 2007 protests in Halifax, Commie tees from moneygrubbing Marxists:

inspired by thousands of daddy's-money dorm-room revolutionaries everywhere

Here’s a photo from the Atlantica ’07 protests. A couple of Halifax’s Finest help give new meaning to the line “now i’m a broken man on a Halifax pier.”


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